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Flexible Metal Strip Nancy 16 0
by Nancy
Chair foam Lynda 221 2
by Tessa Wilken
horse hair vs foam Janet Craddock 49 1
by Tessa
Adding width to foam Bethany Bomar 45 1
by Tessa
What is the design of this sofa? Debbie 117 1
by Rose
Need Help Recovering a Backhoe Seat Holly 62 0
by Holly
bar springs Sharon 119 0
by Sharon
3-prong clips Judy Barr Dodds 196 1
by Steve
Automatic stapler Kim 192 0
by Kim
Dining Room Chairs Seats Lyle 293 0
by Lyle
replacing spring cushion on old Morris chair J. Smith 286 0
by J. Smith
Upholstering around chair with arms Marilyn 387 1
by Marilyn
Dinning chairs Carol Eaves 370 1
by Tim Sheffield
Dinning chairs Carol Eaves 191 0
by Carol Eaves
Reupholstering Victorian Sette, too big a project? Catier 523 1
by Magic upholstery
Tack Strips meekocat 285 0
by meekocat
casters mhall 164 0
by mhall
foam lisa 830 1
by Mary
upholstery nails dian aulridge 335 0
by dian aulridge
how can i keep covers from sliding foward on feather couch seat. pillow stays on couch but not on pillow form seat mickey 839 1
by Barbara Ball
first stuffing for bench Jenny Ingratta 230 0
by Jenny Ingratta
Reupholstering a wingback chair Nikkii 1,109 1
by Deana
dining chairs seat Gertie 1,757 2
by Ted
round bar stool Mary Finn 192 0
by Mary Finn
Changing integrated sofa legs Jill 541 1
by Lori Harmon
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