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Judy Barr Dodds
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I have purchased clips to repair an ottoman, but the clips I received are almost twice the size that were originally installed on the piece. That makes it impossible to tighten the clips sufficiently to keep the springs from moving..

The ones I rec'd are approx 1" in length, and fully 1/2" wide. The ones originial to the piece are approx 3/4" long and only about 1/4" wide.

How do we make these work? Any idea? I did NOT purchase the clip pliers because it makes the job not cost effective. I can tighten them down similarily to the original clips, but are too big, even clamped down, and the wire moves relative to the zigzag spring.

Am i going to need to use twine to secure the springs? Twine and nails/screws?

Please advise me.

Thank you!

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Had the same problem. Original clips were 3/4" wide. I ended up making my own out of some steel sheet and tin snips. Took an original and hammered it out flat, laid it on a small sheet of 20 gauge from Lowes, scribed around it, repeated to make the clips I needed and cut them out. I looked in multiple places online but the smaller clips don't seem to show up. I debated calling Ashley Furniture as they do carry "replacement parts" and they use the smaller clips, but decided to make them instead. 

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Are the BW clips any smaller? http://www.diyupholsterysupply.com/BWClip24/BWClip.html

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