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I am making some cushion covers in the french mattress style. (here is a link for a visual http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/french-large-square-15x15-cafe-chair-cushion-29-each )

I am having some trouble doing it on my machine. I know the authentic french mattress is stitched by hand. Can anyone give me any tips for doing this by hand? I am using a very large welting but by the look of the image I am not sure a welting is used. I am also wondering about the stitch technique as well as the type of thread. Is it just a regular hand stitch with upholstery thread?

My process is that I sewed the cover an inch or so bigger all the way around. Then I put in the welting and will either hand stitch or machine stitch on top of the right side of the fabric around the welting. This makes the actual seam of the cushion cover run on the top middle of the welting. Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help.
Randi Davis
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Hi Holly,

I came across your question while searching for the same information. I too would love to see a tutorial or get some help in sewing a french mattress style cushion for a bench seat.  Did you ever get an answer and better yet, did you have success
making yours?  
Decatur Pen
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There is no welting of french mattress cover style, you make the edge by sewing the edges and the top together a half inch to an inch from the joining seam.

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