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I have two antique chairs that need new upholstery. I need to order foam but don't know about density. The current cushions (at least 50 years old) and about half the age of the chairs are 21x22x4 and 21x24x4. Bottom cushion sits directly on plywood. No springs. What would be comfortable density and is 4" still ok or should I go thicker? I want to put indoor/outdoor fabric on them as they'll be indoors but living at the beach.
Mark Miller
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The thickness of the foam is determined by the height of the chair.

The distance from the floor to the top of the seat should be 18 inches.
Tessa Wilken
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I'd stay with 4 inches and use batting, fiberfill, or down to add additional fluff and softness to the top if you want it. As far as density, firm is the way to go, especially on the seat. Firm is the standard for seating. It will hold up well and provide the support you need to keep your bum off the plywood. You could use a softer density on the back, but it makes more sense to use the same for both. You might save money by buying a longer sheet and cutting it.
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