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Hi! I'm so glad I found this site. I'm wondering if reupholstering an antique Victorian settee living room set would be too much of a project for a complete novice, like myself. I want to rip the settee open to see what will I find. I have to admit that's very scary to me. I've looked for YouTube videos, but haven't found anything that helps me figure out HOW TO tackle this project.

Not only do I not like the color of my antique, but the smell is horrible! I've tried everything to make the stink go away, nothing's worked, and I've finally came to the conclusion that it's either have to go or it needs to be reupholstered. Having it professionally done is out of the question (they're asking almost $5k----[frown] [crazy]crazy people in my town).

What tools would I need and how much will they cost? If I find that my antique has "horse hair", do I need to replace it with horse hair or could I use something else? I'm only 5'2" tall and 110 Lbs., will I be able to handle this job? The antiques are very heavy, but I've been able to push them around [biggrin]

HELP! [wave]

[388bc6ccb85d36ffd8ffd3f51d86248c]  My settee set looks like this, but mine is a loud red color.

Magic upholstery
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Maybe its too late for your answer now ? Where are you?
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I'd do this is a heartbeat. There's some great youtube vids on diamond tufting, but
you need to do a small project first, to get feet wet. Like a cheap thrift store chair. And, there are vids of uphostery school projects on you tube, they wont teach tufting but you'll see how to teach yourself. Youll need a small compressor and a staple gun to do a sofa, or the use of one. Amazing what people have lying around garages. Ask your friends. Youll likely need to buy the staple gun but a compresser can often be borrowed.
A home done reup job is not a historical restoration, so if you do this the "value" of the piece isn't the big factor. Or in plain talk you can pitch stinky horsehair. If a future steward of it wants that, they can spend the five grand for it. But - if it reeks, all the padding probably reeks, and itll need new everything. This requires courage. And that practice/ learning piece.

Im replying in 2017, I'd come over to help but by now its either finished or gone.
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